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The Trend of Telecommuting and Its Implications in the Workplace

Technology is redefining our lives in many ways. Thanks to technology, companies can automate their business processes and help employees work remotely.

Speaking of telecommuting, this trend looks like it’s here to stay. A lot of reasons are at play here, but some of the most obvious ones are financial savings for your business and a convenient work setup for your employees. With these benefits, you can expect that home-based work will increase across industries, paving the way for a new business or work culture all over the world.

At the same time, you need to sit down with your recruitment firm and together, assess whether hiring remote employees will make a positive impact on your organization.

The following infographic identifies some of the pros and cons to help you better understand the various aspects of remote work and decide whether or not to adopt telecommuting practices in your business model.



Source: The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implications in the Workplace

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