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The Rise of the Serial Side Hustler

Over 57 million Americans worked one or more freelance jobs in the last year. This trend is booming and as workers have continued to pursue part-time labor for extra income, serial side hustlers have noticed the many benefits of picking up multiple gigs on the side. In addition to the extra paycheck, side gigs allow workers to pursue passion projects, beef up work portfolios, and achieve financial security. Though there are many benefits to juggling jobs, it can come at a cost. A few of the primary pros and cons of having multiple side hustles are:


Less rest and relaxation. With extra jobs comes more working hours. To avoid overworking, make sure to schedule some down time.

Reduced time with family. Find a balance between work hours and time with friends and family.

Disrupts day job performance. If you notice your work performance dipping, try scheduling dedicated slots of time for each responsibility.


Financial security. Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save for a down payment, or build up your retirement savings, side gigs can help get you there.

Entrepreneurial opportunity. While working your side hustles, look for opportunities to scale them into a business. You never know, you could be the next Sara Blakely.

Pursue a passion. Few people are able to make a living with their passion. Find a side hustle that you enjoy such as photography, painting, or writing.

Whether you are an experienced serial side hustler or are just learning the ropes, these tips can help you navigate your responsibilities and juggle your jobs.

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