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The Cost of Workplace Stress

Technology has certainly increased efficiency at work; however, the pressure to be available 24/7 has undoubtedly increased employees’ stress levels. It’s important to have a delineation between work and personal time, but the lines are blurred more than ever before — especially with so much of the workforce going freelance. As many as one in three people say that work interferes with their family or personal time! This needs to change or America’s workforce will be burnt out very soon (if they aren’t already.)

One of the simplest ways to reduce your stress is to have a chat with your manager. While the idea may be stressful, the outcome typically resolves stress over any uncertainty about performance or expectations. Having a clear idea of your goals, as long as they’re realistic, will help put your mind at ease and give you something to benchmark yourself off of.

Just remember that working long hours doesn’t always mean you’re working hard. If you feel like workplace stress in unavoidable, check out this infographic about the financial implications of stress. The statistics will give you the much-needed motivation to put yourself first. In the long run, it will benefit your wellbeing and the quality of your work.

Source: How Reducing Stress Can Save You—and Your Employer—Money |

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