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19 Rules for Proper Facebook Etiquette by Top Dog Social Media

Top Dog Social Media regularly provides great infographics on subjects related to social media.  I particularly liked the following infographic entitled “10 Rules for Proper Facebook Etiquette” because I frequently wonder what the proper etiquette is for different social media platforms.  This is a great list, although I’m sure others might add additional suggestions.


proper facebook etiquette

Number 2 is “When it comes to business, stay away from politics and religion.”  This is generally good advice and advice that is shared widely, but who object’s to a President’s Day sale?  Or a 4th of July promotion?  Businesses can venture into politics or religion if they do so carefully, with respect and in good taste.  For example, a business that wishes it Jewish patrons “Happy Rosh Hashanah” or has a Christmas sale may offend a small number of people but it would be a sterile world if we never acknowledged any religious holidays.

Are there other references to politics or religion that businesses can recognize?

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