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6 Ways to Harness Creativity – the Dali Way

6 Ways to Harness Creativity – the Dali Way

Creativity is important for all jobs. Though often immediately aligned with the arts, creative thinking is something that can benefit anyone working to further their professional development and create new, innovative ideas and solutions.

So how do we go about exercising our creativity muscles and churning out creative ideas?

We draw inspiration from some of the most creative minds to ever walk this earth. Invaluable created a visual that outlines how to harness creativity just like Salvador Dali, an icon of Surrealism. Though eccentric and unpredictable, there is much we can learn about the way in which Dali approached his work and how he conjured up creative ideas in unique ways. Draw inspiration from the visual below and channel your inner Dali next time you’re in a creative rut.

6 ways to harness creativity the dali way
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