Job Search Infographics

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

This week, I’ve shared several infographics on LinkedIn.  The following infographic on LinkedIn Tips and Tricks provides guidance for both individuals and businesses on using LinkedIn more effectively. Articles related

5 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the main social network for job seekers with more than 300 million users.  With so many users, how can your profile stand out on LinkedIn? prepared the following

How to Become LinkedIn Jedi

LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for jobseekers and professionals. Having a strong profile and using LinkedIn effectively can increase the connections in your network and help with

Resume Myths vs. Facts

Despite the growth in importance of social media profiles such as LinkedIn, resumes continue to be critical in any job search.  There are many “rules of thumb” about resumes; some

The Way to Personal Branding

There are many ways to describe managing your reputation — some call it personal branding, others call it reputation management and others refer to it as personal public relations.  Of

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