Top 10 Most Funny Resume Mistakes

Top 10 Most Funny Resume Mistakes

Job hunting is hard.  Writing a good resume is hard.  And it is not kind to laugh at other people’s mistakes.  But sometimes, they are just funny.  Years ago, I

Crafting the Perfect Modern Resume

Developing a professional resume is an essential part of searching for a job.  Simply by drafting a resume, you have to focus on describing your skills and accomplishments.  While in

LinkedIn:  A Closer Look

LinkedIn: A Closer Look

LinkedIn continues to be an extremely valuable tool for job seekers.  It allows job seekers to create a professional profile that others can easily find, showcase projects or presentations, research

Top Career Motivators

What motivates you to change jobs?  Clearly if you are unemployed, it is perfectly understandable for you to be looking for a job.  But what if you already have a

How To Be Productive

How To Be Productive

The great thing about thinking about productivity or efficiency is that it doesn’t assume a result.  You can choose your goal and then turn to Anna Vital’s terrific infographic “How

De-Coding:  Dress Codes 101

De-Coding: Dress Codes 101

I am not good at dress codes.  For a long time, I wore solid blue shirts or solid white shirts to work because they were simple and easy.  Overtime, I

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