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16 Important Things Recruiters Should Look for in a Resume [Infographic]

A resume is a candidate’s number one ammo. In acquiring the best talents, the first and most critical step towards a job application is by assessing one’s resume. This serves as the candidate’s branding, showing how a recruiter would perceive one as a future asset of the company.

In preparing for the battle, or should we say an interview, a candidate must be equipped with all the bullets that can either make or break his/her way to that dream job. When candidates have the things that recruiters like you look for in a resume, they are able to separate their selves from the competition or the other candidates applying for the same job.

Looking for the perfect talent in a company requires great attention to details. When candidates know their credentials and present them well, then he/she is already a step closer to getting that once in a lifetime job opportunity.

To ensure that you’ll have the best talents in your company, here’s an infographic from Manila Recruitment to help guide you in evaluating candidates’ resumes.


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