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Welcome to my Job Search Infographics blog.  I try to collect and share the best infographics relating to job hunting.  I always welcome recommendations or suggestions.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Evolution of Internships

Internships can be a great way to learn about a job before actually having to do the job. The following infographic shows the evolution of internships.

Evolution of the internship

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Top 10 Tips for a Great Phone Interview

Phone interviews can be more challenging that in-person interviews because you can’t read the body language of the interviewer.  Because phone interviews are becoming more common, it is important to master them which you can do by reading the following infographic.

 Top 10 Tips for a Great Phone Interview [INFOGRAPHIC] –


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7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seeker

I love Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and that is a great lead-into the following infographic on the 7 habits of highly successful job seekers.

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Job Hunting? Here are 10 Social Media Tips to Help You Stand Out

When you’re job hunting, you look for every edge.  Here’s an infographic that shows social media tips that will help you stand out and give you an important edge.

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7 Big Lies Interviewers Tell Job Candidates- Infographic

In a previous post, an infographic addressed the issue of lying on resumes; but what about lies that the interviewer tells?  The following infographic discusses these lies and what they really mean.

7 Big lies Interviewers tell Job candidates (2)

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Tricks and Tips for the Perfect Interview


Interviewing is hard; take advantage of every trick and tip on the following infographic to be the best results.


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Interviewing Etiquette

Job interviews are hard enough without making etiquette mistakes.  The following infrographic provides guidance on the best interview practices.

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Top 10 Job Interview Questions with Answers

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers from ResumeOK

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50 Ways to Lose Your Job Search

Career Sherpa offers 50 ways to stop having to look for a job — to lose your job search.   Much like Paul Simon’s 50 ways to Leave Your LoverPin by Suzan Borden on Resume and jobhunting | Pinterest. Related articles Top 10 Ways To Slow Down Your Job Hunt ( Small (But Important) Resume …


Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media

Finally, the Friday installment in the series of infographics that I found by following the Undercover Recruiter.

leverage yourself as an expert by using social media